Building in Spain

In the past 10 years the construction process in Spain had many improvements and changes to get the European standards that we have today.

During this process all entities involved like promoter, architects, and builders had to redefine completely their functions and responsibilities.

Today we have the same standards as elsewhere in Europe, and it’s easier and more straightforward to deal with responsibilities when a complaint about the construction of a building comes compared to the past.

A basic overview of the steps involved

In Spain the Design Project and the Building Project need to be done and sign by an official architect, member of the College of Architects.

The Supervision on site direction need to be undertaken by a professional team (direccion facultativa); architect and technical architect, called quantity surveyor (aparejador).

The builder has responsibility to built under the supervision of both architects, the design architect taking care that the building is according with the Licence, and the technical architect that is building under the technicalspecifications of the Project.

The promoter need to have a 10 years assurance, that cover the building during that time in case of technical or construction problems detected during this period.

All construction agents (architect,tech.architec,builder) has their own assurance for 10 years covering their responsabilities.

The type of building contract is under an official form.

The decision about who can be the builder is part of the Project Management, offering comparative tenders between different companies until the final decision comes from the promoter to be sure you get the best possible quote with predefined standards, quantities and materials.

ESSENZA contemporary living gives you the complete service of Project Management.

  • more about processs of building? (who involved, time for license, etc.)
  • elaborate bit more type of permits?
  • explain more of services project management?
    Assistance with purchase of materials, installations, help with sub-contracting, regular site meetings and weekly reports, etc.
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