Timeless commitment to aesthetic and technical innovation

Timeless commitment to aesthetic and technical innovation

Providing high-end solutions for all interior decoration requirements, Design Concept works with the most prestigious brands (kitchens, baths, spas, furniture and accessories, home appliances, and upholstery and curtains), looking after the whole design and renovation process from start to finish. In addition to showcasing latest design trends they also help clients get the most out of their new kitchens, organising cookery courses for both beginners and experienced cooks – “the best place to enjoy cooking among friends”. Fernando Fernández and Rosa Hernández, who constantly upgrade the store’s stunning displays and also attend the main fairs around Europe to stay abreast of cutting-edge innovations, give us an insight into the company’s wide and varied portfolio of projects, including private homes, offices and commercial premises.

What were the company’s beginnings?
Design Concept was launched in 1993, as a family enterprise.

What are the basic principles behind the company?
The foundation of our working philosophy remains the same as when we opened our doors 20 years ago: client satisfaction hasv always been our main objective. A commitment to perfectionism in our work, taking meticulous aesthetic care of each detail and developing personal projects… this is what has guaranteed our success, and consolidated it year after year.

We love meeting challenges at Design Concept: nothing is impossible. We can create all kinds of projects on our drawing boards, from simple to the most complex. Our strong point is fulfilling our clients’ requirements – and continuing to provide pleasant surprises with our work. Timelessness is a quality we particularly defend

How would you summarise the market at present and how you fit into this market?
As we all know, the situation is very difficult. In our humble opinion, we believe that the only way to face this crisis, and come out the other end, is to work hard and always have a smile. These have been important years of comradeship. Working with the industry’s various different professions is a major factor in enabling us all to gradually start seeing the light.

Perhaps the key to adapting to the current market has been our ability to reinvent ourselves in recent years, while continuing to offer the quality our clients have become accustomed to.

What are the inspirations and influences behind your work?
Italian design is our main source of inspiration. They are the grand artists of style and exquisite finishes. Not to mention German methodology and the durability of their products. Being able to select what is important from these concepts and apply them to your own designs is what gives you a unique edge.

What is your vision for the company and tell us more about your passions?
To undertake each project working as a team. Each member gives the best of themselves. Some people are more creative; others more technical. The perfect team is created by bringing together the savoir-faire of good professionals, guided by our extensive experience.

What are your thoughts about modern architecture in Marbella and how are you involved?
It is true that modern architecture hasn’t been the most common style until now, but it should be recognised that we are seeing more and more “brave ones” on the Coast – without wanting to undervalue any other architectural style, of course. Marbella has the great virtue of being home to a very cosmopolitan community, with room for all kinds of styles.

Even though Design Concept undertakes all kinds of projects, we have probably gained a certain degree of renown for our involvement with modern architectural projects, as we work withmany of the brands that are in the vanguard of design at an international level.

How do you see the future of modern architecture (particularly in Marbella)?
We believe it has a much more thriving future than a few years ago. Architectural concepts such as sustainability are becoming increasingly important, and it would be a delight to be able to enjoy more of these types of projects on the Costa del Sol.

What does a “home” represent to you?
When we think of a home we think of a comfortable place to take refuge… a place where we create our internal world. We like to develop interiors with a functional edge, without overlooking comfort. It is important to be aware that projects should be done for and by the occupants themselves. Each project is unique because clients have their own specific requirements. Knowing how to fulfil these requirements, to ensure clients feel that the project is truly theirs… that is how you create a home.

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